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Krugman yesterday: For such a fierce (and smart) critic of current policy, Willem Buiter does use awfully gentle metaphors. “Take a leaf from Winnie the Pooh”? Buiter today: The green shoots are weeds growing through the rubble in the ruins of the global economy. I guess that’s gentle for Krugman.

Funny On So Many Levels

Henry Paulson’s son is named Merritt. He was hoping to use $50 million of his dad’s money to bring an MLS team to Portland. The deal may fall through because Paulson was seeking $65 million in money from the city of Portland for the project (the total cost for which is $129 million). Apparently, Oregon’s […]

Human Capital

Matt has an interesting post on the economics of declining populations. He says: So the Malthusian logic that says that higher levels of population is a disaster no longer applies. But I’m still not at all convinced that the reverse logic that says that lower levels of population is a disaster does apply. True, lower […]


Everyone’s posting about how all these abandoned boats are a sign of how bad things are. And things are bad. But I read this and think, hey, this might be a good time to do some cheap boating! The Times story says mooring and maintaining the boats costs hundreds of dollars a month. Well, if […]


An interesting aside — 15 skyscraper projects that are being “paused” by the economic situation. (Via).

A Thought

In reading about the Treasury plan and the various economist and pundit responses to it, it’s interesting to see how many writers say something along the lines of, “The big issue determining whether the plan will fail or succeed is x” — and how many different things have been slotted into x. If anyone was […]


Tom writes: It’s hard to begrudge anyone this sort of professional conservatism, particularly when their industry is in turmoil. I certainly engage in similar behaviors when I find them advantageous. But it does seem likely to me that there’s a homogenizing effect that comes from blog-labor-saving devices like mailing lists and memeorandum. As a fan […]

Money, Mouth, etc

So, the Obama administration’s budget included some projections for output that were judged to be rosy by some economists. And indeed, those projections were above the CBO’s baseline, but were within the CBO’s range of potential outcomes, and indeed were within the range of major forecasts circulating at the time. Still, this generated a discussion […]


So, Ross Douthat is the Times’ new second conservative columnist. I never much read Ross, mainly because he’s a real social conservative, which is probably the part of conservatism I’m least interested in. I think there’s value in locking horns (and occasionally agreeing) with the liberal (in the old fashioned sense) conservatives. I really have […]

California Fact of the Day

In 2008, approximately $2.4 trillion in housing wealth was destroyed by falling home prices. Fully 50% of that loss — $1.2 trillion — was in California. Perspective: California’s annual output in recent years has been about $1.8 trillion. Ouch.