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DCist Yglesias

I was very glad to see Matt Yglesias writing an opinionist piece for DCist. I think that feature of the site has a great deal of potential, but it’s been a bit slow to find its footing, so to have someone like Matt, with a well-deserved reputation for thoughtful analysis, penning pieces for that slot […]

Nurturing Nabobs with Nurseries

This is why the information superhighway is the best. I’m halfway done with a (probably tiresome, but potentially still forthcoming) post on the increasingly negative public mood in the country, when I stop to hop around the blogroll and discover that the Nabob is growing grass out of his computer. Also, Gmail delivers to me the […]

T.V. Guide

If anyone would like to know what I’ll be doing tonight (besides the “sell your house dance” which involves wearing pajamas inside out and scrubbing the tub until one’s knuckles bleed) check out CMT from 9:00-11:00. I know. CMT. But if you have yet to catch an episode of “Country Fried Home Videos” while channel surfing, […]

Honorable Mentions

Christ. I sprung for the black one, but still. When Mr. Mac is standing next to Mr. PC, you never see Mr. PC asking Mr. Mac if he’s jaundiced or was recently beaten. Next you’re going to tell me it only comes with a 30-day trial installation of Office:Mac, and I have to pay Microsoft $300 for the […]

As Long as We’re on the Subject…

Over on DCist, I have a post up discussing the news that the District is actually growing in population. I have a few more thoughts on the subject, relating to a story from yesterday’s New York Times, which looks at the problems associated with a declining urban middle class. There are a couple of very […]

For a Limited Time Only

You all may know that Lisa and I are moving to London. In preparation for this, we’re trying to unload our condo, a process that now involves spending evenings selling the place door to door, and leaving flyers next to Chinese restaurant menus under the wipers of neighborhood cars. We’re considering upgrading our sales blurbs to include […]

Let’s Toast

Well, the ‘band didn’t leave me much choice in the matter, signing off with “Wish us luck,” now did he? Also, I don’t want every post he writes to have a comment from Tom that reads, “Here’s hoping Lisa caves,” as if it is the new toast of the seedy blog world. I can just […]

Bellows? What’s that?

I don’t suppose there’s any getting around it, now that Tom has fixed all the little site bugs (thank you, sir). Welcome to The Bellows, internets. This is not my first foray into personal online publishing, but it is my first go at it since becoming involved with DCist, where folks occasionally read what I […]