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Is this just me? Have you guys noticed that little bug zapper advertisement animation in the corner of the website? The one with that obnoxious fucking buzz sound you can’t turn off? Yeah, that one. Hey, Post, don’t make me organize a boycott or something, or make me learn to use RSS. Seriously, you’d […]

Against Ackerman

I have a feeling I won’t be the only one to take issue with Spencer Ackerman’s piece in The American Prospect, advocating that human rights become the center of a liberal foreign policy rather than the promotion of democracy. Maybe I fail to grasp the practical difference in the force necessary to achieve a defense […]

There’s Also Lots of Room Left in Canada, if I’m Not Mistaken

Yglesias closes a dead-on post about the justifiably emptying Great Plains with this curiousity: It seems a bit perverse to just encourage the empty-ish part of the country to get emptier at a time when housing is becoming increasingly expensive, but it got empty-ish out there for a reason. Like, the solution to expensive housing […]

And Yet, the VRE Manages to Lose Customers…

We learn today that the Washington area is one of the richest in the country and also suffers from some of the longest commute times. It’s interesting to note that the richer you are, the more likely you are to have a short commute, which makes sense, because you’re probably paying for proximity, as your […]

On Wal-Mart

I’m slowly catching up on internetish things I’ve missed while moving and flat-hunting and existing sans web. Today, for the first time in ages, I visited Tapped, to find two very intriguing lines of argument unfolding. The first, on the potential political shifts related to increasing or decreasing amounts of southerness in certain mid-Atlantic states […]

Bank Holiday Weekend

So today is a bank holiday, one of the dozen or so national holidays set up by the government over here, since they don’t take time off to honor Columbus, or Labor, or Martin Luther King. Hundreds of thousands of Londoners are currently spending their afternoon at the second day of the Notting Hill Festival, […]

Transit Recap

I swear this isn’t going to become a transportation blog–soon, I’ll write about some other things, the Redskins, maybe–but I wanted to point out two quick articles from today’s papers. First, the News and Observer has a story today on why light rail is being built in Charlotte and not in Raleigh. Many explanations are […]


So, the love seat actually folds out into a nice little double bed. This is excellent news. Any of you folks that were thinking about coming to visit but didn’t want to spring for the room, now you don’t have to. The flat still does not have internet, not even a stray wireless network we […]


Yesterday, Census revealed its estimates for the population of metropolitan areas, as of last summer. Today, Raleigh’s News and Observer trumpets the data, which shows that the population of the Raleigh-Cary metropolitan statistical area is about 950,000, up from about 300,000 when I was in high school there (long ago, but not that long ago). […]