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Last night, my husband dropped my cell phone into a glass of orange juice. Not kidding. Now, in looking for the humor in this situation, I will note three things. 1) The mobile company is called “Orange.” It says this in large letters across my now non-functional phone. 2) My husband is the only person […]

Pats on Backs

From the blogger that once, a long time ago, recruited me for DCist: some real deal badass journalism.

Washington Development Stuff

I imagine that dedicated Northern Virginians must live in a near constant state of exasperation. There they sit, on some of the most well-off, talent-rich, fast growing, and generally pleasant land in the country, let alone the state of Virginia, and yet their political leadership seems bound and determined to turn the whole area into […]

Action Street*

I’m feeling Kriston on this. As one of those blue state types that devours newspapers and political conversations, I find myself believing that the rest of the nation knows what I know, and I wonder why there is even a question of supporting the President’s more disgusting policies or sending a Republican Congress back to […]


Posting to recommence soon. Just one of those weeks for the Bellowses.

A Resource War?

The New Republic has an excellent piece this week (that, most likely, is behind the subscription wall) on the potential emerging threat of alliances of authoritarian, resource-rich nations that oppose the United States. Author Joshua Kurlantzick writes that important resources, and primarily oil, are increasingly held by unfriendly non-democracies like Russia, Venezuela, and Iran, and […]

All We Really Wanted Was a Nice Pair of Etonics

It was a lovely Saturday for football here in London, but the missus and I were unable to watch any of the matches as we were tooling around Windsor and Eton on what was possibly the most beautiful day of the year. Imagine my surprise, then, when I checked the results of the little West […]

Damned If I Know What’s Up With the ACC This Year

I used to make the case that following sports was religion for the non-religious types. With regularity, sports fans could congregate to participate in rituals, revel in their membership to this or that exclusive group, and experience emotional highs and lows out of all proportion with the thing you were actually doing, which was just […]

So, How Much More Do You Get for Hitting on Your Boss’ Wife?

If this Reason Foundation study were about transportation, I’d have a nice long look at the underlying numbers, the better to point out the shoddy reasoning and poor scholarship. Since it’s about what it’s about, however, I’ll just say that, apparently, I’m underpaid.