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Congressional Numbers Update

With a week to go, the House is a sure thing for the Democrats, but the Senate is harder to call. Polls released in the last few days have given Democrats a boost, but it still doesn’t look like Missouri plus Tennessee plus Virginia equals 2 Democratic Senators. At the moment, it actually looks like […]

A Penny For the Guy

Happy Halloween, everyone. Over here, the holiday isn’t widely celebrated; instead everyone gears up for Guy Fawkes by buying lots of firecrackers and setting them off all through the night, despite the fact that the November 5th is still nearly a week away. Interestingly, the fireworks here don’t seem to be the sparkly American kind […]


A long, long time ago, for a short while, I had HBO. It was then that I caught a few episodes of the first season of The Wire, and it was then that I thought, hey, this is a pretty fantastic show. People ought to be checking it out. I just wanted to note, now […]

Growth Recriminations

Not long after my short stint in the PhD program began, I was talking to a few other students about our proposed dissertation topics. When I mentioned that mine involved economic geography, another student smiled and noted the faddishness of the theory, how it was the latest, hip notion for explaining the vast differences between […]


Please, people. Send us no more Halloween photos. While it’s undeniable that I am the worst Hween party guest ever, having last successfully donned a costume in my early teens, when I went as Sherlock Holmes (interesting fact: dying my hair black renders me completely unrecognizable to everyone, including people who have known and loved […]


English Friend 1: So, are you taking any trips before you go back? R: Well, we’ve been taking a lot of day trips from London, and we’ll probably try to squeeze in a few more. We’re going to Bath this weekend. L: And we might go to Dover. EF 2: What’s there to do in […]

Minimum Wagers

Ok, I want to get in on this. Ezra’s right that it’s good to reevaluate these things every once in a while. First, two quick quibbles. One, the wage-employment connection may be an article of faith on the right, but it also has a lot of currency with moderate and liberal economists. Two, there may be […]

Triangle Wants to Ride the Rails

So says this piece in today’s News and Observer, which reports on a survey showing that 80 percent of Triangle residents want improved mass transit in the region and a majority say they would use rail to commute. But here come the blinkered pols: State Rep. Paul B. Stam of Apex said he doubted commuter […]