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Hey, George. How’s your boy? Is he in Iraq? Also, I anxiously await your upcoming columns analysing the abuse of language by other figures in Washington. Words have meanings, you know, that not even Presidents can alter.

Washington Regional Authority

Today at DCist, I have a post up discussing some of the issues surrounding a recent trend toward dispersion of planning authority to local governments. The piece focuses on a handful of smart growth policies, but the trend is clear in a number of different areas. Virginia and Maryland have taken to planning their own […]

End Games

The best part about this article is how I’ve seen a number of different pieces recently noting that economic growth will soon be at an end, not because of a resource crisis, but because populations in a number of prominent countries are falling, and that trend is only going to continue to spread as living […]

American Express

This is excellent news. Lots of folks in finance complain about Sarbanes-Oxley hampering US competitiveness in financial services, but I think that immigration restrictions have a far greater effect on our ability to win international business. Couple that with the negative PR effects of our tight entry requirements, and it seems clear to me that […]

Whatever Happened to Imperialism?

It’s telling that the title of this post mentions black helicopters; talk of expanding the United States is generally considered to be kookery, even when it doesn’t come from a grade A kook like Tom Tancredo. But should it be? What, after all, would be the big deal in joining up with our neighbors? But […]

Me Talk Pretty One Day

From Yglesias: I apparently have a Midland accent (as in Texas?). I’m guessing this is because I’m from “one of those big southern cities,” which in this case means Raleigh, North Carolina. At least the quiz gets right something I’ve been telling people forever, which is that I have a good voice for TV and […]

Crystal Ballin’

Because none you guys will do it for me, I feel the need to point out just how prescient I was back in September when, on the morning after we defeated #20 Boston College, I predicted the following: 1) We would win another big game (Fact: the very next week we beat #17 Florida State) […]

The Long March Home

If I were to make an honest list of the reasons (conscious, subconscious, unconscious) that we returned home, or at least the post hoc justifications for our return which we find ourselves making and believing, the desire for a proper winter would enjoy an embarrassingly high position. Never, in any actual weighing of positives and […]

You Should Be Noticing a Shorter Recovery Time Between Blog Posts

So, I’m on steroids. Haul me in front Tom Davis and I’ll say it for the cameras. I’m on steroids. My back has been a source of pain and frustration for about as long as I can remember, but last May things took a pronounced turn for the worse. Shortly before Lisa and I tied […]

More McCain

You know, I think there’s something to this line of thinking, but it doesn’t necessarily have to do with age. I’d love to live in a world where candidates were judged solely on their abilities and policies (and I think McCain might run into plenty of problems in that world, too), but we definitely do not […]