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Knowing is Some Part, Though Probably Less Than Half, of the Battle

John over at Ezra Klein’s site poses an interesting question: to what extent can better information fix markets that aren’t working efficiently? Sometimes, information could make a huge difference. In labor markets, employers always know less about potential hires’ skill sets than the applicants do themselves, so in order to get jobs, workers often invest huge […]

The Highest Office in the Land

Nixon and Ford, presumably wearing PJs and painting each other’s nails: “He’s nuts,” Ford told Nixon in the call picked up by Nixon’s secret taping. “He’s on the sauce,” Nixon said, suggesting the majority leader was drinking. “Isn’t that it?” “Well, I’m afraid that’s right, Mr. President.” “Or is he crazy?” Nixon asked. “Well, he’s […]


For someone who grew up in Raleigh, and especially for someone my age, I suppose I have surprisingly little to say by way of personal interactions with John Edwards. Like most of the news reading residents of that town, I knew who he was from stories of the cases he tried, heartbreaking tales of mangled […]

The Urban Factory

I’ve been reading and thinking about a couple of posts at Richard Layman’s blog on competitiveness among US cities and between the US economy and the rest of the world. They’re worth reading, though I’d skip the final half of the followup post–on the global economy–which gets some things really wrong. These pieces, and a […]

The Boundary Street Writers’ Workshop

Not that I didn’t love NaNoWriBlo, but this is my working appellation for our grand literary undertaking. All of us still in? Good. Let us get down to brass tacks. Our main goal will be for us all to help each other complete a book. “Book” will mean something different to each of us, no doubt, but […]

Schnee, It Ain’t So

When I’ve not been busy developing a nervous tic this holiday season, I’ve been spending my time staring angrily at the weather forecast, which continues to disappoint. How anyone can expect to prepare for a new year without the climatological poetry of snowfall is beyond me, but it seems I may have to find out. […]


Yes, it will be an ugly, ugly season for the Nationals. Yes, the team has erased nearly all the notable players from the roster in a quest for young talent. Yes, it’s probable that anyone who’d like to take part in baseball’s final season in RFK could get themselves lower-tier infield seats just by rooting […]

One Last Last Thing

I also send the meme to Lisa, who has informed me that come 1/1/07, she’ll have her own blog, free from the incessant posting of her spouse. Truly, there is no stopping the Avents.

One Last Thing

“Hey, Lisa! This headline reads ‘Baby Put Through X-Ray Machine!’” “Was it Britney Spears?”


Been offline most the day, recovering from an injection of steroids into my spine this morning. It was, in fact, as much fun as it sounds. Tomorrow morning, Finn and Lisa and I head to NC, so posting will be spotty until next week. May the spirit of midwinter descend upon you all. Happy holidays.