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I remain in the middle of a blogging hiatus, and I’m like three hours from hopping a plane for Rome, but I had to tell you guys something. The best show last night in the neighborhood of 9th and U was not Ted Leo (and I say this as a Ted Leo fan). Rather it […]


Just a quick note: posting will resume in mid-April with a new look (which you all noticed, no doubt) and a renewed sense of mission or purpose, or some such thing. In the mean time, please leave your most useful Italian phrases in the comments. Grazie.


Thank you mom and dad for talking me into that fixed rate mortgage.


Interesting piece on the neighborhood in DC North, featuring lots of face time with Richard Layman. I tend to think that Brookland is going to handle growth and development pretty well. It’s likely to be more of a gradual process than has been seen in Columbia Heights, for instance, or that likely will be experienced […]

If They Ask You When It Was That I Gave Up…

It was today: “There is a zero percent chance that we will ever reach a 100 percent target,” said Robert L. Linn, co-director of the National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards and Student Testing at UCLA. “But because the title of the law is so rhetorically brilliant, politicians are afraid to change this completely […]

Dull Boy

But damn is work swallowing me whole. Let’s try this, since posting time is elusive: we were thinking about talking about our writing more, am I right? And then Catherine sent me some strange message saying the frocktails wouldn’t let her out on the 22nd. The g was somehow involved. I don’t know what that […]

Resume Transmission

So, no posts for the past few days, huh. I was busy, and my brother was in town, and my basketball team was all mopping the floor with the Commonwealth, and there are probably some other excuses, too. I will try to do better now ok?


I’m wary of mentioning this, given the preemptive strikes being launched (by some, you’ll note, holding opinions contrary to mine own vis-a-vis a certain steady holding band). Probably, someone will tell me to suck on it. Wouldn’t be the first time. Unlike the rest of you jokers, I’m just now hearing Neon Bible, streaming it off […]

How Do You Blue a Red State?

For some time I have been of the belief that urbanizing areas will tend to become more Democratic based on the idea that growth and congestion make the necessity of government more apparent. States with urbanizing areas are also more likely to blue as urban areas alter state demographics. The model for this kind of activity […]