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Lots of things keeping me busy today. Check out Sunday’s DCist post; as brilliant* as my columns typically are, it’s worth reading them for the comments alone, where lots of other knowledgeable DC residents offer their thoughts, plug gaps in my arguments, and generally give me things to think about. Well done, commenters. Back tomorrow, […]

Crime, Boy, I Don’t Know

So, crime in Prince George’s County is way down, with the exception of homicides, which are soaring. This news story caught my attention, because it reflects a general trend in the District, as well. For the year to date, homicides are up 10% in D.C., which is weird since all other crime is down substantially (except […]

Boundary Street Drinking Club

We meet on May Day at the Saloon to go over recent work. All principle parties are hereby reminded, and anyone else who’d like to attend may do so, provided they bring a sample of their work not less than 15 words. Items to be workshopped on Tuesday include: Kriston – An absurdist essay entitled, […]

What To Do?

Let’s say you’re the governor of a fairly typical American state. Your state has a number of issues facing it. You have one major metropolitan area with a booming economy, but it also has high and increasing housing prices, sprawling exurbs that are chewing up pristine land and causing massive congestion difficulties, and an unruly […]

Canadian Bacon

Felix Salmon writes that some in private equity are bullish on Canada, and why shouldn’t they be? With profitable oil reserves, strong institutions, enviable geographic access to the most powerful economy in the world, a well educated population, and a host of other assets, Canada does seem like a smart place to invest. But there’s […]


Defrauding the government sure sounds serious, and I suppose we don’t want people who are no longer working (or never did work) for the government to receive benefits intended for government employees. Still, I fail to see how people reselling their metrocheks is a big problem. The government’s goal with this program is to 1) […]

Bigger, Better, Faster, More

Apropos of yesterday’s trains post: look at what we’re missing out on. Update: Still more on the subject from Mode Shift (via Richard Florida Richard Layman).

And what does a temporary surge say?

NYT: Mr. Bush made it clear again on Monday that he would use the second veto of his tenure to kill the legislation, which would set a goal of having most American combat forces out of Iraq within six months of Oct. 1. “An artificial timetable of withdrawal would say to an enemy, ‘Just wait […]

Fusion Fund

Whenever new data come out on the incomes and wealth of the country’s richest citizens, you find articles detailing how for many of these people spending all of their money is a practical impossibility; the money they earn on their wealth outstrips what an individual can spend without simply giving massive sums away. This is […]


Riding home on the Metro last Friday afternoon, I found myself thinking about the advantages of rail transport over automobiles. These differences are frequently addressed in terms of upfront construction cost, operating expenses, and capacity, and occasionally in terms of the beneficial ways in which rail shapes development. Other issues aren’t highlighted nearly enough, in […]