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So, I read something last night that really got the old noggin whirring. I started writing, and now I’m about 2,000 words into something that’s completely un-postable, because it’s rambling, incomplete, and way too technical. In the meantime, of course, I’ve got nothing else to put up here. Tell me, bloggers, what do you do […]

Why I Love Wikipedia

Because, apropos of some article or another on global warming, I found myself googling “sea level rise.” Several clicks of fancy later, I found myself reading about the Messinian Salinity Crisis and pondering the scale of the waterfall that appeared when the Strait of Gibraltar opened and reflooded the dry Mediterranean Basin. None of this […]

Culture of Life, Baby

Since morality, appeals to shared humanity, statutory restrictions, and our national commitment to the defense of human liberty aren’t enough to keep the stumblebum candidates for the Republican Party presidential nomination from lining up to call in Jack Bauer and commence torturing, I find it unlikely that more evidence of torture’s ineffectuality will suddenly sway […]

A study in contrasts

Good: This post by Michael O’Hare, responding to some foolishness from Jane Galt. O’Hare makes some nice points about the value of transit and about externalities, which libertarians and transit critics seem to have a difficult time wrapping their heads around. In short, when you drive, you impose costs on others that you don’t have […]


Sweet, sweet long weekend. Why aren’t you longer?


What with general busy-ness and restless anticipation of the approaching long weekend, I haven’t put a whole lot up this week. Let’s hit a few things that have been rolling around the noggin this week, before we close down the computer until Tuesday. 1) When I write about density in new housing, I often hear […]


I am not immune to high gas prices–my poor wife commutes by car to her current teaching assignment (though next year she may not have to)–but I still don’t have a whole lot of sympathy for those feeling pain at the pump. Truthfully, the world would be much better off if the pump were more painful […]

Are Superstar Cities Super Investments?

Via Mark Thoma, I find this piece by Robert Shiller on how it’s incorrect to think that long-term housing price appreciation in superstar cities should be greater than that seen elsewhere. I believe he’s missing some important ideas. He writes: Why should home values in glamour cities increase forever? Gyourko, Mayer, and Sinai justify their […]


You know, I totally get the arguments about why Gore shouldn’t run in 2008: that by not running he can save his key issue–global warming–from the all-out partisan attack it would suffer if he were someone’s direct opponent. Still, the more one reads about the man, the more one feels that no one else on […]

Let’s All Take a Field Trip, Shall We?

Eventually, this stuff really starts to wear on you. People and papers can’t talk about 300 foot buildings in Rosslyn and Crystal City without invoking the M word. Christ almighty. Get out occasionally, folks. Get on a train and visit New York City. It’s shocking, too, to see that residents greeted plans for Crystal City […]