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He Could Change His Name to McClane

Wow. In the wake of the failure of the immigration bill, Intrade traders now give Senator John McCain a 2 percent chance of winning the nomination. Poor bastard. Question: what if Bush, seeing as he has nothing to lose, decided to issue a general amnesty for any illegal immigrant without a criminal past and who […]

My Band Rocked Too

So, Lisa is team teaching AP English 11 next year with a guy from D Plan, Maritime, and Statehood. Girlz, please proceed to do ur screaming now, kai thx. When our wifes have up and run off, the Nabob and I will start a two piece folk group* that will totally rule!!!11! *Called Baby Muppet

Growing Pains

1. Couldn’t resist blogging today about the urban places population estimations released today by the Census Bureau. These are, for the most part, completely irrelevant, since the populations of most large urban areas bear no semblance to the official city designations. The city of Los Angeles, for instance, saw its population increase to 3.8 million […]

So’s You Knows

I have decided to take on my little city fundamentals book project. The early going is encouraging; it’s much easier to write non-fiction, and I think I could have a draft done by the end of the summer. This does mean, however, that time I’d typically be using to put ideas here will instead be […]


I’d like to thank Matt Yglesias for helping me write my blog while I’m busy putting these same arguments, in much wordier fashion, between two hard covers that I can then beg you fine folks to purchase.

Avents That Brunch

Did you know that Cafe Saint Ex’s sous chef is named Michael Avent? I learned this while at brunch there on Sunday with four other Avents (and one nee Avent), one of which was my pop, who asked young Michael to come out and say hello to us. Sadly, he did not. Too busy sousing […]

Where I Am

I’ve been avoiding any and all discussion of the Sopranos finale, because I never watched the Sopranos and I wanted to preserve my ignorance on the off chance that someday I’d sit down and watch the whole damn series from start to finish. Obviously, that’s never going to happen, so I should probably just try […]

Red Line

New development continues to gallop up the Red Line (east).


The post below is even funnier than you think it is, since I just started reading The Power Broker for fun. So, you know, see you in 1,200 pages.