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It’s been a bit quiet here, I know, and it probably will be for the next few days to a week. I’m hoarding my ideas for an exciting econoblogging opportunity that begins tomorrow. Stay tuned for details, and wish me luck…

California, Green Leader?

Matt gets it right on this piece of disappointing news, and on how road construction shifts the cost/benefit equation facing people toward suburban living, thereby contributing to sprawl and not just serving the sprawl that already exists. A lot of smart people have total brain meltdowns on this issue for some reason; they see suburban […]


Today, the Bellows turns one. Has a year of personal blogging been all I’d hoped it would be? Um.

Competitive Vacationing

Forgive me, Ezra, if you’ve already made this argument vis-a-vis the mandated vacation posts you’ve been writing–I know you touched on the logic I’m about to mention as it regards other issues–but the same problem faced in the efficient automobile conflict I talked about yesterday very well might apply to mandated paid vacation. Many firms […]

More Dot Connecting

Read James Surowiecki this week on all the lovely game theoretic issues involved in pursuing policies like better fuel economy standards for automobiles; if we all make individually rational decisions, we arrive at an outcome in which we’re all worse off relative to one in which we coordinate our actions. Surowiecki notes that for reasons […]


Via Brad DeLong, I saw this article by James Fallows on the weaknesses of Windows Vista. His first paragraph reads thusly: This spring I bought a new laptop, as I end up doing every two years or so. By that time, the older one is showing its road wear, after being hammered on and toted […]

Drops to Drink

There’s an interesting article in the Times today on how rapid growth in Georgia suburbs has not only taxed water infrastructure but actual water reserves. Certainly, growth in the southeast has been hard on freshwater sources, but the challenge there is nothing compared to what’s coming for the boomtowns west of the Mississippi, and particularly […]


Is a terrible and stupid name for any development. Over at DCist there’s a long and occasionally snippy comment thread about the Columbia Heights dustup over Ross and Marshalls coming to the shopping development rapidly rising around the Columbia Heights Metro station. A lot of the fussing seems to be over the low-end nature of […]


Let’s say that part of Lisa’s birthday present was money to download ten (10) albums off iTunes. Let’s say that she and I are up to date enough that we have Neon Bible and the Crane Wife, but not so up to date that we have Boxer and GaGagagagagaga or whatever that Spoon album is. […]

Damn, I Wish I Was Your Blogger

So, it’s important to remember that even though he is a Music God, Eric Axelson is a person and one of my wife’s colleagues and it’s therefore best to use moderation when dragging him around DC9 to introduce to people (who then disappoint by being all nonchalant instead of, say, screaming and touching the hem […]