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Thanks for the link, Matt. You know, as someone who spends a lot of time studying transit, I’m often surprised that there isn’t more interest in the subject from liberal writers (though there are exceptions–Matt is one, Ben Adler another). There is, I believe, a very strong progressive case to be made for mass transit. […]

Why So Much Driving?

The Post helps me out with updated figures. For those keeping track at home, that’s $1.4 billion in annual federal spending on transit versus $42 billion in annual federal spending on highways. And as the Post notes, it’s not just the disparity in dollar amounts. Highway funds can be used at the discretion of local […]


Are people going to see the National? If so, which night? By the way, it’s months like these that make me wish I had season tickets to the 9:30 club. Oh sure, I’d get to see Editors, Kings of Leon, Animal Collective, Iron and Wine, and the Roots, but I’d also get to see, in […]

For Art’s Sake

Kriston writes: But with regard to this story, the significant point is that economic conditions in China are such that highly skilled labor can be organized (or exploited, if you prefer) as if it were the most basic unskilled labor. I’m not the professional economist, though, so I don’t know whether this collapse of categories […]

Blog Boy Bouillabaisse

Man, I’m neglecting this blog like it’s my job. To write for another blog. Sorry. 1) Can I tell you how much I love this overcast, cool, and rainy weather? Yes, I can. This much: lots. 2) Courtland, let me ask you something. Let’s say you were forced to be one of the following: a […]


During the last 365 days, there were 67 homicides in the District west of the Anacostia River, down from 95 during the previous year. During the last 365 days, there were 82 homicides in the District east of the Anacostia, down from 85 during the previous year.

Why So Much Driving?

There’s a pretty good New York Times story this morning on the conflicting nature of federal policies for congestion reduction. The piece notes that DOT is allocating $850 million toward urban traffic reduction, while the federal government simultaneously gives commuters a parking tax break worth about $150 million annually. Cross-purposes, people! But the Times story […]


I’m busy, like a bee you might say, learning to manage old jobs and new ones, so please forgive me the trickly posting. But I have a scoop for you, internets. I have it on good authority from a source placed deep within the DCPS establishment that District Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee once ate a […]

Pigou, and Pigging Out

Julian travels to the Bellows’ home state and finds evidence that Americans are lardy. And indeed they are. But not evenly so. He links to this convenient map to show the uneven distribution of American girth. This prompts Julian to note: So maybe, instead of talking about the American obesity “epidemic,” we should be talking […]


Hey, I’m back! August is half over! Discuss. Also, I haven’t double checked this, but am I correct in thinking that everyone in Washington is throwing a party on the 25th of August? Should we be doing this, too? Please advise. Finally: Hurricane Flossie. Flossie? Flossie.