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I am Everywhere, and I am Nowhere

Mr. Linkins: Tori Amos, who took to the DAR Constitution Hall armed with her giant black Bösendorfer piano, her touring band, and a new record. That record, American Doll Posse, is an odd sort of concept album revolving around a bunch of different characters that Amos invented, costumed, and, I believe, even gave blogs. So, […]

Profiles in WTF

“We’ve traditionally been a low-cost energy state,” [Virginia Governor Tim Kaine] said, referring to Virginia’s ready supply of cheap coal-fired energy. “One of the best conservation strategies is to have really high costs – that’s not what we want to do.” Kaine advocated a renewed focus on nuclear power – the state has two nuclear […]


Matt writes: Ezra Klein describes “the central reality of health care politics,” namely “most Americans are basically happy with what they have, but worried about keeping it. Policies that guarantee their futures are quite popular. Policies that radically change their presents are not.” Few if any journalists are any better plugged in to Democratic conventional […]


Interesting. Only 58 minutes by boat from Quantico to Navy Yard. That’s damn near better than driving. I wonder how that time would change if they were using one of those Tate-to-Tate fast ferries that fly up and down the Thames? Those suckers can move. And while boats are sure to be a pretty cheap […]


Rob Goodspeed has an interesting look at “national security sprawl,” currently stretching its wings to include Spotsylvania County, which is just over halfway on the road from Washington to Richmond. The government’s bizarre zeal for moving workers beyond the Washington “blast zone” is obviously unhelpful to the cause of smart growth in the metropolitan area, […]


I try to stay positive when it comes to climate change discussions, even as evidence mounts that we’re getting ready to cross some nasty thresholds. I don’t doubt that the next three decades will be interesting–Chinese curse interesting–but I still harbor hope that we can arrest emissions growth before we destroy humanity. When I start […]

It’s Electric

It’s clear that partially or completely electrifying our automobile fleet would be a great way to reduce our output of carbon emissions. An electric car is cleaner than a gas-powered one, even if the electricity is produced by a coal-fired power plant. All the same, electrifying the automobile fleet is not nearly as good a […]


A quarter of American households live in apartment buildings housing 50 or more residents… Source. Far higher than I would have guessed. And yet we’re told that Real Americans live in detached single-family homes surrounded by picket fences. Or ranches in the high Rockies.

Did You Know?

A 12 oz. bottle of Yuengling at Creme will set you back $8. On a related note, the guy from the Miller High Life commercials–the one who makes sure bars don’t overcharge for High Life, because we all deserve to live the high life–is the dancing defensive lineman in the Dr. Pepper ad. This has […]

Linky Linky

Daniel Hall has commented here a few times in the past, and if you’re interested in urban and environmental issues, you should really read his Common Tragedies blog. Today, he looks at the proposed Metro fare increase: So what’s the problem here? Traveling by mass transit is not the only option commuters have. If the […]