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Yes, I’m still gone until Monday. I thought I should let everyone know, however, that henceforth I’ll be responding only to “MC Urban Transit.” That is all.

Time Out

I’ve been trying to coax my brain out of its head-cold stupor, but it’s just not working. As such, I’ll be putting it on ice until Monday. Have lovely weekends, all. Achoo.


Wow. These Republican debates just get more and more surreal. At this point, I think you have to feel that Huckabee has a fighting chance, simply because his crazy talk comes off in a somewhat more reasonable manner than everyone else’s crazy talk. But we have to remember that they’re all absolutely, totally nuts. Let’s […]


How important is it that the Case-Shiller index is computed using data from single-family homes, only? The distinction between single-family homes and condos in these computations is not one I get at all, but whatever the reason that Case and Shiller choose to make it, it surely biases their results. Just look at the Washington […]

Short vs. Long

According to the Post, Metro is going to run shorter trains during the slower winter months in an effort to save money. The Post has Metro saying this could cut about $1.3 million off their budget, which makes me wonder what the actual trade-offs are, in capacity and cost terms, for train size relative to […]


It’s obviously frustrating that the final version of the fuel economy provision wending its way through congress is probably going to preserve the distinction between cars and trucks (including SUVs). There’s really no good justification, at all, for doing that. It’s weird, too, since many opponents of fuel economy standards cite the danger involved in […]


Does it not strike anyone else as odd that Mitt Romney said he wouldn’t consider a Muslim for a cabinet position and no one appears to care? Substitute any other major religion, including Mormonism, in for Islam, and his candidacy is done. So that’s where we are I guess? It’s pretty much cool for a […]

Unintended Consequences

Upon reading yesterday’s New York Times story on the working conditions of the Indian men who produce manhole covers for ConEd, the reaction of most non-economists probably resembled Jason’s: If you haven’t peeped today’s New York Times article on where NYC’s Con Ed manhole covers come from, do yourself a favor and learn the wholly […]


On the one hand, I think there is a sound argument to be made that Chicago really ought to be focusing its green attention and money on saving the cleanest aspect of the city: its deteriorating transit system. On the other hand, Chicago’s plan to green its 2,000 miles of alleys seems like the kind […]