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The World of Tomorrow

The Times asks a handful of people to speculate about the New York of 2108. The results are a little dull, but one entry deserves to be quoted in its entirety. I give you seventh-grader Kate Kaplan: The city will be all skyscrapers, no more town houses and brownstones. Buildings will connect to each other […]

Football Commercial Blogging

During last night’s Pats-Giants tilt: shots of Hummers rolling in to save the day in the wake of extreme weather events, with the tagline “Hummer Helps.” I can’t help but think that if you dig around behind Hummer headquarters, you’re bound to find the corpse of irony, brutally murdered.

Skin in the Game

Matt makes a point that hadn’t really occurred to me, perhaps because I am not the sort of blogger who might actually be able to influence a race. Well, I don’t do that because it seems to me that it would call my professional work into question. I don’t want it to be the case […]


Has there been something in the water recently to make otherwise smart folks say odd things about the state of the housing market? Paul Krugman writes: More bad housing news this morning. The question remains, how far is down? Below are two pictures. The first is the CBO’s estimate of the housing-rent ratio — the […]

Prediction Markets

I’m one of those people who do find the prediction markets for political races interesting, so I feel called to once more defend them. Matt writes: A lot of people seem fascinated with things like the political predictions charts on Intrade. I, frankly, would very much like to be fascinated with them. But in reality, […]


Oh, hi readers. So, the Census released its new state population estimates! Exciting times! We should remember that Census tends to undercount in urban areas. Early last year, the Bureau announced that it had rather significantly underestimated the population of the District, and it raised the estimated population by about 30,000 people. Shortly thereafter, Census […]


Time for a week of quiet, and maybe peace. A restful holiday to you all; I’ll see you in 2008.

Blogger Blasphemy

I have to tell you guys, I am not a fan of Christmas rock songs and/or modern interpretations of old Christmas stand-bys. Why is this? I don’t know. Pretty much the only departure from Burl Ives’ old school standards I’ll tolerate (love actually) is Vince Guaraldi’s Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack. Although I do like the […]

Crazy Expensive

O Ho! It’s way more expensive than you thought to crackdown on immigrants, eh? And paying for the expenses is complicated by a weakening economy, which is exacerbated by crackdowns on immigrants? These crackdowns are just a terribly inefficient way to handle the issue. Prince William would be far better off identifying the people who […]


What can you do? When Congress decided to appropriate $2 million in fall 2001 to help D.C. kindergartners and first-graders learn to read, city school officials were told that the money could be spent only on the Voyager Expanded Learning literacy program, a new product with virtually no track record. They had just picked a […]