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Back in December, I felt pretty certain that the curious structure of our nomination process would spare me the effort of having to decide between candidates. Now, of course, it seems at least somewhat conceivable that on the day of the District primary, the race may still be undecided. Super Tuesday looms between now and […]


I think this has been abundantly clear for some time. Simpson may not want to say it, but other FTA officials have. The sprawl. And while the low-density exurbs shrivel, the District is considering down-zoning neighborhoods in SE Washington. This is difficult to understand. I realize that the combination of vacant lots and development pressure […]

Plate: Full

Think tank town, indeed. Agglomeration economies at work. If his seat goes Democrat, then we can all be happy, but Tom Davis has been a nice voice of support for the District and for Metro. I thank him for taking care of his hometown, and for not forgetting about the unrepresented folks living across the […]


The FTA, you’ll recall, is questioning the Washington Airports Authority’s organizational ability. Appearing on WTOP’s Ask the Governor program, Virginia Governor Tim Kaine said he doesn’t understand why the Federal Transit Administration sent a communication to Congress just last week saying the Dulles project had a green light. I don’t understand that either.

Thoughts on Commuting

In an Unfogged thread the other day, there was some discussion about the importance of transit in allowing commuters to escape congestion, and a commenter remarked that New York City has the longest average commute times in the nation. I responded by saying it’s more important to focus on the efficiency of people moved, rather […]


Also, that LA Times editorial on the cost of the Iraq War asks: …why the U.S. economy, beneficiary since 9/11 of the largest military spending binge in history, now requires $150 billion more in the form of a short-term stimulus package. Why hasn’t the $1 trillion in defense spending, in addition to the 2001 and […]


I didn’t watch it. It was about to come on, and I was about to go plop down in front of the television when I thought, this is going to be completely irrelevant, it’s just going to make me annoyed and angry, and most of my friends will write about it in quick, informative, and […]

Things I Don’t Understand About Things

Those of you who read this blog regularly will know that I have a great deal of respect for Harvard economist Ed Glaeser. He’s incredibly smart, very prolific, and his work has played an important role in shaping my world view on urban economic issues. He’s also a Republican which, on its own, isn’t that […]