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Top Down

Tom responded to me, and I tried to leave a comment at his site, but it wouldn’t take (blame the market, or the designer? I kid). Here’s what I was wrote: Tom, I’m not denying that there are objective ways to compare the qualities of one technology to another technology. That’s obviously true. I’m not […]

Department of Things I Had Never Noticed

Also from McMegan’s comments: On a touch-tone phone, the digit 1 is in the upper left corner. On a desk calculator [and on the number pad of a personal computer] the digit 7 is there instead. I was like, that’s ridiculous. But then I looked, and it’s true. Wild.


Megan writes a little post about the Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD format war, and in it she links to this Reason piece. Tommy has strong disagreements with Megan and the Reason piece. I hope Tommy won’t mind me disagreeing with him a little bit. First, a quick personal note. Stephen Margolis, co-author of the Reason story, […]

The Secret of Our Success

Today in the Post, there’s a story on how WMATA is rationalizing and improving its procedures for developing land around Metro stations into quality, transit-oriented development. This is very nice to see. There are a number of reasons why Washington has been doing so well recently. A strong regional economy is one. Falling crime rates […]

History Will Not Look Kindly on the Bush White House

EPA: Global warming is a serious problem affecting the entire nation. Therefore it is very important that the federal government prevent states from individually and voluntarily exceeding national standards for emission reductions. How do these people sleep at night? Comfortably, I’d guess, on a mattress stuffed with money: In denying the waiver request, Johnson argued […]


I have seen references, in a number of locations recently (including comments on this blog), to data showing that last year was ridiculously cool (temperature-wise), thus proving that global warming isn’t real. I’m sure you’ll all be shocked to hear that this is false, that the source of the information made a huge error, and […]


The Washington Post reports this morning: Relatives of the four girls whose decomposed bodies were found last month in a Southeast Washington rowhouse have hired lawyers to pursue claims against the D.C. government for failing to prevent months of neglect and abuse. The lawyers served the city notice as the children’s mother, Banita Jacks, remains […]


Over at TAPPED, Kate Sheppard writes about Bob (global warming is a crock of shit) Lutz and General Motors, specifically, the Wall Street Journal’s claim that GM’s actions are more important than Lutz’s words: The Wall Street Journal weighed in on the issue earlier this week and concluded that the company’s actions are more important […]


Megan writes about some union silliness. I, too, have mixed feelings about unions, mainly because I think they’re a very inefficient way to achieve the goals progressives want them to achieve. But my general ambivalence about “unions,” is rapidly becoming total antipathy for a particular union, namely, the Washington Teachers Union. Of this union my […]

In the Red

As I said yesterday, the decline of central cities was fed by the budget implications of wealthy-household departures. Tax base erosion led to declining services and tax increases to try and make up the losses, both of which pushed still more families out of the city. That’s what we continue to see in the suburbs. […]