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Generous Energy Companies

I’m a little perplexed by this Sean Casten post at Grist. It opens: If you put a price on GHG emissions, will it raise the cost of energy? That question goes to the core of carbon policy. Unfortunately, many people inside and outside the environmental community consistently get it wrong, with potentially disastrous results. Consider: […]

Sorting (kind of technical)

Deindustrialization impacted every large city that had substantial manufacturing employment in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but it didn’t impact them all in the same way. Manufacturing job loss has left some places with practically no jobs base, while other cities managed to survive by transitioning to knowledge industries–both manufacturing and service oriented. […]

In Search of Mobility

From the Examiner: A report finds that the Washington region will see congestion increase by 50 percent over the next 25 to 30 years. An infrastructure analysis by the Urban Land Institute says the Washington area’s population will grow by 23 percent during that time, and that the region is financially unprepared for the increase […]

Si se puede

Rail edition: Argentina on Tuesday signed a contract with a consortium led by Alstom of France to build the first high-speed train in the Americas, linking Buenos Aires with the cities of Rosario and Córdoba in three hours, nearly a fifth of the current journey time. Patrick Kron, Alstom’s chairman and chief executive, said construction […]

Good News

Man, today is just full of surprises. First, we learn that the economy expanded, albeit slowly, in the first quarter. And now, out of the blue, the Metro extension to Tysons is back on track. Wonders never cease.


Remember how Bush gave that landmark speech on climate change and was all serious about reducing emissions? In his extraordinarily lame economic speech today, Bush mused on the proper approach to the issue: “Many of the people in Congress who complain about high energy costs support legislation that would make energy even more expensive,” he […]


So Bush is now open to considering a gas tax holiday. This is how bad policy gets made. Opportunistic politicians make opportunistic policy proposals, and when too few people lack the courage to oppose those proposals, then voila–bad policy. This is also why political jujitsu on these issues is a bad idea; they take on […]


The Times’ Jad Mouawad has written a piece describing the state of the world’s oil market. It is, in a word, tight. Production volumes have been flat at best, and consumption growth has continued. Kevin Drum comments: I imagine that a global economic slowdown will flatten oil consumption a bit over the next year or […]

I’d Prefer a Gas Tax Holiday to This

I saw that a convoy of 200 some trucks was driving around the Capitol today to protest high gas prices. Hm, I thought, what do they expect Congress to do about high gas prices? Why, cap them, of course. We really didn’t learn a thing from the 1970s, did we?


So, you know how it seemed like Hillary did actually get that a gas tax holiday was a bad idea and was just using a little political jujitsu to finesse the issue? Well, never mind: Hillary Rodham Clinton criticized Barack Obama on Monday for opposing proposals to suspend federal gas taxes this summer, a plan […]