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Here’s a Business Week exchange between Maria Bartiromo and Sarah Palin on Governor Palin’s one real area of nationally-relevant knowledge: Some people might say: “Look, even though opening up ANWR has been a symbolic issue for Republicans, the oil there may only have a marginal effect on reducing overseas dependence. Why is ANWR so important […]


As Matt and others have noted, Brookings has a comparison of candidate positions on transportation issues. Most of the relevant stuff has been discussed here before, and obviously Obama comes across as the better candidate and the more serious candidate where transportation is concerned. Presidential leadership is going to be key in pushing for things […]

Fast to the Future

TOW sends us here: Charlotte’s light rail line has only been in operation for nine months but the ridership numbers are already approaching a remarkable milestone. For the month of July the LYNX light rail line tallied a ridership count of 16-thousand-900. Transit Chief Keith Parker says if they see another 5-percent growth or so […]

Uh oh

An MSNBC reporter just noted that New Orleans’ upgraded levy levee system isn’t due to be complete until 2011. They’d better hurry up. As Karl Rove would say, the Republicans sure have terrible luck with this stuff.


It seems worth pointing out that Palin is actually a pretty sexist pick. Hillary Clinton got within a hair’s breadth of the nomination by working incredibly hard and developing a lot of solid policy positions based on deep expertise. And she went out and won some 18 million votes. Now McCain picks Palin assuming he’ll […]


In a sense, this pick is very encouraging. No way the McCain campaign makes this gamble unless they feel they have to shake things up in order to remain competitive. And to be honest, the pick reflects the general theme of the campaign. Stuck without popular policy positions, McCain has been forced to run on […]

Please to Invest

In rail: Amtrak’s systemwide ridership climbed to 7.9 million passengers from May through July, compared with 7 million in the same three-month period in 2007. The railroad expects 322,000 riders over Labor Day weekend, a 10 percent increase from last year. The airline industry is projecting a decline of 6.5 percent in domestic travel over […]

The Speech

I don’t want to diminish the work of my journalist buddies, many of whom have written some really good, really insightful stuff on the speech. But I think that we’d get much more informative coverage by randomly selecting ten viewers and asking them to write what they thought of it. We, after all, aren’t the […]


Geez. And what you don’t see in this loop are the three other disturbances to the east which might get us up to the letter L by mid-September.