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An End Run ‘Round Coburn?

Perhaps? A congressional bill authorizing $1.5 billion in federal funding for Metro cleared a key vote in the Senate on Monday after passing a final vote in the House last week. The Metro funding measure, which has died in Congress twice before, is wrapped into a large rail safety overhaul bill that has gained momentum […]

A Simple Plan

I’ve been meaning to post some additional thoughts on the conversation I had with Jim Manzi, but it’s been difficult given the financial situation. A new LA Times op-ed by (Ted) Nordhaus and Shellenberger gives me an opportunity to make one brief point. They argue that Democrats are fools for thinking that the best way […]

Silver Lining for Charlotte

Citigroup will fold its retail banking operations into Wachovia’s, which will ultimately make Charlotte more of a retail banking powerhouse. The retail operations of two of the nation’s three mega-banks will be there. TOW asked yesterday whether this consolidation would spur anti-trust activity. The feds can’t really turn around and punish these guys after they […]


In all seriousness, this is a very serious situation. Seriously. Many folks on the right and the left have suggested in recent days whether a $700 billion was actually necessary. My concern was that it would not have been enough. And now, for the moment at least, we have nothing. My colleague at The Economist […]

Something to Ponder

How many Washingtonians, if given the choice between an economy saving bailout and a Redskins victory over the Cowboys, would choose the latter?

The Crisis Comes to North Carolina

Which had been, until recently, one of the few states in the country where metropolitan home prices were still generally rising. But Wachovia‘s bad bets may now cost the city of Charlotte thousands of jobs, and one wonders what the future of banking in Charlotte might be. I’d also guess that chances for an Obama […]

Robert Samuelson, Ladies and Gentlemen

Robert Samuelson, who writes about economics for the Washington Post, presumably in order to educate them about economic issues, seems to be under the impression that economists haven’t really devoted all that much time to the study of financial crises. This is kind of like the Post hiring a science writer who proceeds to explain […]

Housing Market Update

New Jersey edition: The residential market is hurting at all levels, all around the state, of course. But market experts say the supersize single-family house in the suburbs is taking a harder hit than other housing types. For one thing, higher-priced houses inevitably take longer to sell, said Jeffrey Otteau of the Otteau Valuation Group, […]


So, I’d intended to use the post-deal quiet this morning to bust out the huge pile of urban-y stuff that’s been building up while I’ve been focused on the financial system. Instead, McCain came in and blew everything up, and I had to spend all morning figuring out what’s going on, and now I’m going […]


So, I got invited to do one of those bloggingheads things with Jim Manzi on the subject of global warming. The result was a very civil discussion which is nonetheless painful for me to watch because, dude, Ryan, sit still. ALSO, unseen: for the entire second half of the thing, my dog is trying to […]