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Early Voting

Changes everything. People are paying a lot of attention to the national trackers, which show a slight dip from Obama’s high point (but still, a respectable lead). But McCain has to do more than close the gap. He has to close the gap and get himself a lead enough to overcome stuff like this: In […]

Silly Brooks

Megan wants to know why I seemed so ticked at David Brooks, and she seems much more inclined than I to give him the benefit of the doubt. But I don’t think he deserves it. The first half of the piece really is way off base. A bit at a time, then: Government spending is […]

Brooks FAIL

I suppose there must be some subject out there that David Brooks knows something about. One has to figure the Times wouldn’t give him such valuable op-ed real estate if he was just going to make stuff up about random subjects. Right? Surely he knows something! Something, maybe about Patio Men, whoever they are? If […]


Between 2007 and 2008, commuter biking in New York City rose by 35%. Cycling is cheap, green, and healthy. Investments to improve the biking experience are minute compared with just about any other transportation investment you can make, with the exception of those that benefit pedestrians. And 13,000 daily trips in New York is 13,000 […]


It seems to me that many of my friends here in Washington were rooting for the Phillies in the Series. I can see the logic by which they might have arrived at that decision, but I don’t find it convincing. Having been to see the Eagles play at FedEx and the Phils play at RFK […]


So, this happened: A proposal to build a high-speed train between Baltimore and D.C. that hadn’t progressed in five years may claim $15 million to get moving again — albeit slowly. The Federal Railroad Administration is making $45 million available for three magnetic levitation train projects, known as Maglev. Backers of a plan to build […]

Private Highways

John Schwenkler asks what I think about highway privatization. Truthfully, I’m not a fan. For a couple of reasons. First, privatization isn’t necessary to do market road pricing. All that’s necessary is the technology to vary tolls based on traffic, which we have. Second, with this kind of thing it’s all too easy to privatize […]

Planning and Conservatives

A commenter writes: “Transportation, Infrastructure, Urban Planning, Professional Licensing, and Zoning – Liberal policy wonks Matt Yglesias and Ryan Avent are given 15 minutes each to convince attendees that the policies they tend to favor are neither free market nor conservative, and that the right-of-center principles they espouse demand a different agenda. Moderator Will Wilkinson […]

Conservatism, What is it Good For?

Ok, everybody wants to know what conservative ideas I like. If you make me go through the GOP platform and pick stuff to keep, well, I might come back empty handed. If we’re just talking about ideas, then there’s a lot there. Economic liberalism, for one. The GOP has gotten dogmatic about its approach to […]