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The Post really doesn’t get it. George Will wrote a column suggesting that there was a broad scientific consensus in the 1970s regarding the threat of global cooling. This is simply not true. Moreover, this untruth is readily verifiable. And George Will attempted to sow doubts about global warming by citing a bogus analysis of […]

Cap, Trade, etc.

I was going to write a post about Obama’s budget and carbon pricing, but I think I’ve blogged myself out for the day. So read this, and this, and this. Then really read this, which is on a different-ish topic, but which is very interesting.

More on Mortgages

A couple of interesting pieces of research have been brought to my attention, and are worth sharing. In the comments of a previous post, Doug Pascover noted that he has heard the argument that a housing rescue is justified as a form of redress to buyers suckered in by predatory lenders — that in a […]


You have to love this. While handling a bill designed to move the District one step away from being the voiceless and long-suffering residents of what Congress views as its own personal fiefdom, the Senate decided to tack on, by a vote of 62-36, a provision to repeal the District’s gun laws, passed into law […]

Demographics and Suburbia

It’s certainly possible to raise children in the middle of a city — some would say preferable. But being childless myself, I’ll defer to others who note that in many crucial ways suburbia makes parenting easier. Schools are obviously an issue, as is the ability to turn kids loose in a back yard or cul-de-sac. […]

Chilly Willy II: Silly Willy

TPM reports: We thought we were done with the topic of George Will and climate change. But now we’ve gotten an advanced look at Will’s latest column, set to run tomorrow in the Washington Post and in syndication. And it amounts to a stubborn defense of the amazing global warming denialist column he published earlier […]


The Transport Politic has a list of corridors that could potentially get a share of the $8 billion in stimulus money allotted to HSR. It includes some very worthy, but very much not HSR, projects: Southeast High-Speed Rail – Project, running from Washington, D.C. to Charlotte, via Richmond and Raleigh, is more advanced than most […]

Just Deserts

I was thinking of responding to this post of Megan’s, on irresponsible homeowners, but opted not to. Happily, Felix Salmon says many of the things I was going to say. But Megan writes back again: On the other hand, there is a proposal on the table to make the homeowners partially whole on their losses […]


Over at the Infrastructurist, Jebediah Reed has an interview with Julia Christensen, author of the book Big Box Reuse. The book discusses ways to turn a plague of empty big box retail spaces (the result of the recession and the intense nature of the housing crash in some exurban areas) into something useful. It’s an […]