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Who is Buying This Stuff?

Andrew Sullivan asks Jim Manzi a few questions, and Manzi responds: To me this is just incredibly profligate.  It’s like the justification for the Iraq War (in this way):  “trust us, it will pay for itself or close to it, we have to do it or face disaster, and we have to do it RIGHT […]

Shorter Jim Manzi

Assume that global growth will continue as it has in the past, despite changing weather patterns, falling agricultural yields, and hundreds of millions of climate refugees upending geopolitics. Assume that temperature increase isn’t occurring faster than assumed in the 2007 IPCC (even though data indicates that it probably is). Assume that the lives of billions […]


So, it’s been a depressing week here in Washington, and I’m glad to be able to get away for a little while. I’ll be beachside from late this evening until, oh, July 5th or so, attempting to not spend quite so much time worrying about stuff. I’ll still be blogging some at Free exchange and […]

Know Nothings

Global warming, boy, Dick Gephardt doesn’t know. I attended this discussion yesterday, on infrastructure investment, with featured speakers Dick Gephardt and Newt Gingrich. Gingrich was pretty decent on infrastructure, but the only reference to climate change he could make was a comment about the need to invest in “green coal” and nuclear power. I expected […]

Rules is Rules

I really don’t see where BDC is going with this. I’m not saying that we should develop downtown and nowhere else in the city. I’m saying that a limit on density is a limit on density, whether it’s a zoning rule applying in single-family home neighborhood or the height limit. I think we should build […]

Vox Populi

Hey, the Post has numbers on public opinion regarding cap-and-trade. They’re generally favorable. Here are some interesting quotes: Debate over the cap-and-trade approach has focused on the cost to the average American. The Congressional Budget Office estimated this week that cap and trade would cost the average U.S. household $175 a year in 2020, but […]


Increasing the field to ten devalues nominations. Ok. We all remember that Gladiator won best picture, right?

On Density

BeyondDC thinks I think that density and height are synonyms. I don’t. I am able to recognize, however, that the two are related. If you want to add density to an area, you begin by adding people. But you can only add so many people in a given volume before folks start to complain. At […]

Green City

Mary Cheh is looking for ideas to make the District greener. Things like: [C]ongestion pricing, vertical farming, “expanded retro-commissioning”, requiring carbon neutrality for public buildings, or “cool cars” that reflect solar energy… Matt notes that since the District is the greenest part of the metropolitan area, the greenest thing it can do is work to […]

Once Upon a Time

Megan writes: I don’t want to make too much of myself, but at the age of 22, I wrote what may be the worst novel ever penned in the English language. I applaud her. At the age of 22, I had written the first ten pages of fifteen of the worst novels ever penned in […]