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The Urban Economy

I am generally a fan of the American Prospect and a very big fan of the people who work there, but the magazine’s latest issue, which highlights “The Post-Boom City” on the cover strikes me as a whiff all the way around. I discuss the Special Report on manufacturing here, but I also want to […]


That‘s what Republicans see in the Democratic response to the underwear bomber incident. I realize that if the world made sense, the party that rushed America into a war, against a country that didn’t attack us and didn’t have WMDs, which killed thousands of Americans while radicalizing who knows how many young potential terror recruits […]

Domestic Migration

Matt slaps down Wendell Cox for saying that New York City has been losing people because it’s been experiencing net domestic outmigration. Immigrants and people born in cities don’t count, apparently (perhaps we can count then as three-fifths of a real American, or something?). In fact, Cox’s assertions are lamer even than Matt makes them […]


Here’s some news from 30 miles up the road: Baltimore has topped last year’s homicide total. Police say three slayings over the weekend pushed the homicide count to 235. Last year, the city recorded 234 homicides — the lowest total since 1988. Even with last year’s drop, Baltimore remains one of the nation’s most violent […]

New Census Data

I always love looking through new population estimates from the Census Bureau. New numbers, estimated as of July 2009, have just come out, and it appears the District is just a few hundred people short of crossing the 600,000 threshold. From 2008 to 2009, the District was the fifth fastest growing state, in percentage terms. […]

Grow, Philly, Grow

Back when Ed Glaeser was writing his unfortunate series on the costs and benefits of a high-speed rail network, he said: Philadelphia is the more natural beneficiary of high-speed rail access to Manhattan; there are already people who live in Philadelphia and commute to New York. Yet even in this most propitious setting, the coming […]