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Triangle Transit

I didn’t realize that Yonah Freemark was a fellow native of the Triangle (from Durham; the transit blogosphere now has two corners of the Triangle locked down). He’s put up a nice primer on the possibility of transit in the Triangle region, at the end of which he sounds a somewhat skeptical note: Or — […]

Paper of the Day the Second

Is here: Recent concepts as megaregions and polycentric urban regions emphasize that external economies are not confined to a single urban core, but shared among a collection of close-by and linked cities. However, empirical analyses of agglomeration and agglomeration externalities so-far neglects the multicentric spatial organization of agglomeration and the possibility of ‘sharing’ or ‘borrowing’ […]

Paper of the Day the First

Is here: Agglomeration can be caused by asymmetric information and a locational signaling effect: The location choice of workers signals their productivity to potential employers. The cost of a signal is the cost of housing at a location. When workers’ price elasticity of demand for housing is negatively correlated with their productivity, skill-biased technological change […]


James Fallows writes: Counting the new Republican Senator Scott Brown from Massachusetts, the 41 Republicans in the Senate come from states representing just over 36.5 percent of the total US population. The 59 others (Democratic plus 2 Independent) represent just under 63.5 percent. (Taking 2009 state populations from here. If you count up the totals […]

Stressed Suburbs

Carter Dougherty at Real Time Economics writes up an interesting new Brookings report on povery in suburbs: The country’s largest metro areas saw their poor population grow by 25% between 2000 and 2008, according to the report, faster than primary cities and well above the poverty growth in small cities and rural areas. “As a […]


I feel like I can’t write anything here until I say something about the stupid Massachusetts election, and I want to write something else here, so here goes. I was angry and frustrated about the result of the election, but not furious or despondent. The things likely to drive me to fury and/or despondence are: […]

More on the Urban Economy

Alec MacGillis has responded to my post on his Prospect piece in a blog post, and I think he’s misread me in a few ways. He says I have endorsed Richard Florida’s view that “that many parts of the country have been hit so hard by the recession that they’re no longer worth trying to […]

Location, Location, Money

Northrop Grumman is preparing to move its headquarters from southern California to the Washington area. In terms of direct employment, the shift will be small — a couple hundred new jobs joining the 21,000 already employed by the company in region. Here’s how the Biz Journal leads its story on the news: The company broke […]