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Implementing an Urban Congestion Charge

How do you do it, asks commenter low-tech cyclist. Well, here’s how London does it: Cameras at entrances, exits and around the zone read your number plate. They check it against a database to work out whether you’ve paid already, are exempt, or have a 100 per cent discount. We keep checking the database until […]

Gas Tax

While I am always heartened to see a politician with enough courage to advocate an increase in the gas tax, it seems like a District-only decision to increase the tax by ten cents is likely to raise very little new revenue. I don’t think there’s a location in the city that’s more than four miles […]

No Choice

Over at TNR, Rob Puentes laments the end of the Pennsylvania plan to toll I-80. Meanwhile, the Post reports on the transportation funding disaster in the Washington metro area, revealing that Maryland might not be able to make good on its commitment to Metro. We’re talking about the defunding of Metro, which has been the […]

Regulating Diversity

Earlier today, I tweeted in an annoyed fashion about this story: On April 5th, 2010 Matt LaGrant, DC’s Zoning Administrator, issued a ruling that DCRA will no longer grant Building Permits or Certificate of Occupancies for restaurants, bars, diners, coffees shops and carry-outs along 14th and U streets (plus adjacent commercial side streets) because of […]