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Innovation, and the Gas Tax

I’m not sure why anyone would argue that the imposition of a carbon price, even a relatively modest one, wouldn’t spur innovation. Price increases — the market’s signal for scarcity — lead to a range of human responses, among the most important of which is invention. The opinion that a price increase will likely lead […]


I have in mind a fairly detailed set of policy ideas that fit into the package I’d label “ideal climate policy response.” I also have in mind changes I’d accept to this package that would correspond to “second-best”, “third-best”, “fourth-best” policies, and so on down the line. And at this point, we’re well down the […]

“Manufacturing”, cont.

A few more thoughts on the subject. The most significant criticism I’ve heard is that, duh!, we need goods production so that we have something to export. Let me first say that at no point have I called for the elimination of American manufacturing, and neither do I think that American manufacturing is doomed. As […]


Last week, on I was on vacation (not that an explanation is needed these days for a long spell of quiet at this site — sorry, readers) and wasn’t blogging, but I did try to keep somewhat up-to-date on the conversations going on without me. One particular post that grabbed a lot of attention was […]