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Short and bland, conc.

Dan Malouff has responded once more. I don’t particularly appreciate the tone of anti-intellectualism in his post (though to be fair, it is all the rage these days). I do appreciate the richness of a smart growth advocate telling someone to get out of the ivory tower. But the abused tend themselves to abuse, I […]

Short and bland, cont.

Dan Malouff has written a disappointing response to my post (and Yglesias’ post) on the impacts of Washington’s height limit. He casts himself as the moderate between preservationists and economists, but there is nothing moderate about the nonchalance with which he accepts the huge opportunity costs associated with the height limit: I think the issue […]

Short and bland

Yesterday, Post writer Dion Haynes noted that office rents have been rising in Washington, to the extent that the DC average is now higher than that in New York City. Haynes, suggests that the rise is due to Washington’s relatively strong, government-supported local economy. No doubt. But the high level of rents in Washington can […]

America’s Shame

Ron Brownstein pointed out, over the weekend, that the Republican party is almost unique among major political parties across the world in its overwhelming skepticism of the science of global warming. As an American living in America, I counted this as one of the pieces of knowledge I held in my possession, but not one […]

Random Thought

Popped into my head and I wanted to get it down. Say we’re interested in understanding cross-country differences in per capita output and growth. We can chalk this up to technological differences, but in general I think we assume that developed nations have more or less equal access to the latest technology. Growth then becomes […]