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Live and Let Live

Prince of Petworth writes: So for today’s Friday Question of the Day – at what point does a neighborhood have too many liquor stores? Now I’m wondering if there is a historical component here – as many liquor stores also function as corner stores/bodegas. I assume they proliferated for convenience and perhaps a lack of […]

Economic Science

I have periodically engaged in a discussion with environmentalist writers about the economic approach to climate change and its virtues and shortcomings. Yesterday, I continued this discussion in a Free Exchange post that concluded: Environmentalists and economists are fundamentally on the same side, supporting the use of data and the scientific method to reach reasonable, […]

Whence the Midwest?

Matt writes of the Midwest: [I]t does seem to me that the political see-saw is swinging especially violently in this region, even as this broad economic story applies everywhere. I can’t help but wonder if this doesn’t reflect the fast that the Midwest seems to be in a state of pretty severe relative decline vis-à-vis […]

More New York

Kevin Drum has an email conversation with someone who thinks I’ve got this all wrong. I think he or she has mostly missed my point. Let’s take this a bit at a time. It is true that people living in NY have much much lower carbon footprints than those who live in lower density areas. […]

Liberal NIMBYs

I see that the New York Times ran a piece over the weekend pointing out lefty hypocrisy on a handful of green issues. Residents of liberal enclaves like Brooklyn, Berkeley, and Cape Cod proclaim to worry about the environment, but when bike lanes, or bus-rapid transit, or wind farms are planned for their own backyards, […]