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More Thought Experiment Thoughts

BeyondDC provides his thoughts on my thought experiment. His response is given, as others were, as though this were a policy proposal rather than a thought experiment, but he nonetheless gives me the opportunity to make a few useful comments. The first thing I’d like to address is this: Other buildings matter. Cities without height […]

Thought Experiment!

My thought experiment has proven to be an abysmal failure, since most people responded to it as if I were proposing an actual policy change. I was not. I was asking readers to, you know, engage in a thought experiment. That is, given the policy regime I imagined, what floor-tax rates would you accept? Providing […]

Metro Below Us, Above Us Only Sky

Yesterday marked the official groundbreaking for Washington’s CityCenter project. The land on which it will rise, which used to house the old convention center, has been an undeveloped parking lot for the last few years — the last great swath of building-free, developable lots in the downtown area. With the completion of CityCenter, an enormous […]

Moving Toward Stagnation

I’m at the Kauffman Foundation economics bloggers conference today, and I just gave a presentation on some thoughts concerning cities, technology, housing costs, and economic growth. I’ll link to the video when it goes up; for now, here are the slides I used. They’ll be a little cryptic without any accompanying audio, but perhaps you’ll […]