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Housing Is About Supply and Demand

Rob Pitingolo’s response to The Gated City has now been posted at Greater Greater Washington under the headline, “Housing is more than supply and demand”. I actually think this headline is a little unfair to Rob, who is not in fact arguing that housing is more than supply and demand. Rather, he’s arguing that housing […]

On the Great Relocation

Noah Smith writes a post that touches on some themes in The Gated City, particularly those relating to the export advantages of healthy cities. I comment on his post here, but I wanted to add to the argument with a passage from the book. At Free Exchange, I write: In other sectors, the gains to […]

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Here’s Tim Lee Rob Pitingolo Jim Gleeson And a second look from Lloyd Alter, who seems to have warmed to the book.

On Attitudes

Kevin Drum pens a few thoughts on The Gated City here, and I’d like to respond to one of them. He writes: It’s also unfortunate, I think, that his solution to restrictive building policies sounds an awful lot like the libertarian dogma that any kind of property restriction is a “taking” that should be fully […]

The City and Growth: Papers of the Day

Since I published the book, there have been questions about the depth of the literature on the relationship between cities, density, and growth. It’s pretty deep! And to illustrate, I’ll resume posting interesting research results when I find them. Like this one: This paper reassesses the relationship between density and productivity by using detailed geo-coded […]

The Gated Valley

It seems clear to me that current weakness across the American economy is primarily a demand-side phenomenon; output is falling below potential because consumers and businesses are reluctant to spend and invest, and a demand-side government boost would make a big difference. At the same time, I think there are significant structural problems in the […]

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Some interesting comments on the book: Alex Block David Levinson Josh Rothman, at the Boston Globe’s Braniac blog. Reihan Salam discusses Yonah Freemark‘s response to the book. And Wendell Cox responds to my response. I think the literature is more sophisticated on this subject than he lets on (see this summary, for instance). A county-level […]

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Comments on The Gated City from: Lydia DePillis Yonah Freemark Chris Bradford and Chris Bradford Jon Commers Let me know if I missed your take!