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I was very pleased to join Russ Roberts for his Econtalk podcast, in which we discussed the new book. Check it out here.

A Few Gated City Clarifications

I’ve been meaning to respond to a few points made by Aaron Renn in a recent review of The Gated City, and I’ve finally found a few spare minutes to do so. So! First, Renn asks about the distinction between employment density and residential density. At a very local level, this is obviously important, as […]

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Aaron Renn And here’s an interview on the book at Reason.

Density: Too Dangerous to Mention

I didn’t respond to Randal O’Toole’s first take on The Gated City because, quite frankly, it didn’t appear that he’d read it. Now he insists that he has, and yet…well let’s just go through his points. First, on whether density facilitates productivity growth: Avent cites research showing that denser American cities have higher labor productivity. […]