So, the wife and I swung by our polling place at ten till 7 (poll opening time) to find maybe 200 folks queued up–a huge crowd for our quaint little voting spot in Brookland. We decided to come back later. I returned at 11 and there were no lines–I walked right in, cast my vote, and headed out.

My precinct (68) has 1,740 registered voters, 814 of which turned out for the presidential primary. Voting at the precinct could be done by computer or paper ballot, and there were two paper ballot counting machines. The one I slipped my ballot into had already counted nearly 400 others, suggesting that the primary numbers may already have been topped before noon. My precinct may see something like 70% turnout on the day. Absolutely remarkable.

Lots of smiles all around.


  1. Christopher says:

    I voted at Barnard Elementary school in Petworth (Decatur Heights I like to call my little part of Petworth). It was relatively smooth going at 9:45. The line for electric voting was 10 deep and their was only one machine. Not sure why people stood in line. I grabbed the paper ballot and was done in 5 minutes. Broke my rule of not voting for any candidate that was running unopposed, but was in a hurry and forgot. So Muriel Bowser and the at-large SBOE and ANC4D05 candidates all owe me one.