Joe Biden

Vice-president in charge of SUPERTRAINS:

There’s a reason when you turned on the olympics to watch them this past summer, you saw mag-lev trains going over 200 miles an hour in supposedly a third world country [i.e., China] in terms of its economy, blowing into town, dealing with environmental problems they have as well as transporting people in a way that we don’t even come close to being able to do. And as Barack has pointed out, and John Corzine knows, I may have a bit of a pro-rail bias. I think think of the jobs we can create in both construction and innovation if we make similarly bold investments here in the United States as well as the environmental payoff that flows from that kind of investment.

The question, of course, is what steps the administration will take (or will urge Congress to take). But at a time when we’re talking about hundreds of billions of stimulus dollars for infrastructure, and given current funding levels for rail and transit, and given the growing desire at the local and state levels for a change in the modal focus of spending, well, odds are good that a significant increase in rail investment is on the way.