People are saying that Ray LaHood, a downstate Illinois Republican representative, may get the nod for DOT. So far, the things mentioned as being in his favor are — friendship with the president-elect and his chief of staff, some pro-Amtrak votes, experience managing big projects as a member of the Appropriations committee (?), and his Republican-ness, for some reason.

This makes no sense at all to me. As I see it, then, there are three possibilities: 1) Obama doesn’t intend the DOT secretary to do the heavy lifting on his transportation policies, 2) Obama doesn’t really care about transportation, and 3) it isn’t true.

Based on the limited knowledge I have to hand, I’m going to go with (3). I suspect this is not going to be his pick.


  1. Daniel says:

    I don’t know Ryan. I think we might want to give Lahood some slack. Yes he’s not the most progressive pick for the job but he has pushed for some quality infrastructure legislation and it’s not like Obama needs convincing that transportation issues should get a lot of attention. Besides, he likes trains.