Note to Karl

Apropos of this comment — I’ll think about coming back when this happens, although really I don’t think it’s am ambitious enough plan.


  1. Oglethorpe says:

    What would it take for it to be ambitious enough?

  2. ryan says:

    The corridor is a start, but I’d want to see a real commitment to building and planning differently. And 80,000 jobs downtown by 2030 seems like a pretty low bar.

    Raleigh isn’t just slow on this stuff; it’s doing almost nothing. Extremely disappointing for what is otherwise a wonderful place.

  3. Oglethorpe says:

    One of the tallest buildings downtown Raleigh, Wachovia Capital Center, is a half-million square feet. At 200 sf/worker, that building may house about 2,500 workers. Thirty-two additional buildings of similar size will be needed to accommodate 80,000 workers, which, by the way, would triple current downtown employment levels of 40,000. That level of building will have a significant impact on Raleigh’s skyline and would be perceived by most people as ambitious. The issue is how geographically small Raleigh’s downtown is, not the ambition of the plan.