Department of Taxpayer Funded Delusions

Hey, all right, go Redskins! Know what I could have done without, though? That advertisement the federal Department of Health and Human Services just ran, asking me to tell my kids to wait until marriage to have sex. Not to delay sex until they were emotionally ready. Not to have safe sex. To either get married or never have sex.

Why, what a responsible use of public funds! I’m sure it will have the desired effect.


  1. Judith Zola says:

    That ad is outrageous. Public Service anouncements should really offer a public service—not portray some fantasy world nobody lives in. Beleive me I know— I’m old,

  2. Kriston says:

    The ad assumes that ‘Skins fans aren’t going to be having sex anyways, right? So, might as well give yourselves the veneer of ideology.

    Hook ’em Cowboys.

  3. Matt Brown says:

    Judith: With your kind of reasoning, the same could be said of people who urge us to stop smoking or to stop using drugs or to stop drinking & driving. People are just going to do it anyway, so why even warn them of the dangers?

    And Ryan, you’re probably old enough to know that there’s no such thing as “safe sex,” just safer sex. The best way to avoid STD’s is abstinence.

  4. ryan says:

    Brilliant, Matt. You know, the best way to avoid car accidents is to never get in a car, but people do, because there are considerable gains to doing so. So why not educate people about ways to be safe while driving?

    The answer, as you know, is that this has nothing to do with efficacy and everything to do with unhelpful moralizing. And I personally feel the government should be more concerned with public health than the state of its citizens’ immortal souls.