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Ryan Avent is economics columnist at The Economist. He has previously been The Economist’s news editor, economics correspondent, and online economics editor. He is the author of The Gated City. Contributions to the print edition of The Economist can be found here. His old blog, The Bellows, is accessible here. His work has appeared at the Journal of Economic Geography, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the New Republic, Bloomberg, Reuters, Conde Nast Portfolio, the Atlantic, the Guardian, the American Prospect, the Washington Independent, the Washington Examiner, Streetsblog, Grist, DCist, and probably some other places. Previously, Ryan worked as an economic consultant and as an industry analyst for the Bureau of Labor Statistics. He has an economics degree from North Carolina State University, and an MSc in economic history from the London School of Economics. You can follow his twitter feed at @ryanavent or reach him via email at ryanavent (at) gmail (dot) com.


  1. Hi, Ryan!

    Loved your piece on how the zero lower bound (ZLB) of real interest rates is maintaining chronic unemployment.

    I’ve quoted you quite a bit in my book Fixing the Root Bug. It combines the ZLB issue with that of land rent and how the dilemmas in each solve each other: Implementing a land value tax together with facilitating negative real interest rates minimizes real estate price shifts and hence avoids unfair wealth transfers.

    The hypothesis also includes the idea of an extremely flexible labor market that allows both economic security and adaptability. Together, these fixes make the system growth-independent and hence facilitate ending mercantilism and solving many of our most pressing environmental challenges.

    I’d be delighted to send you a review copy!

    But first check out these short videos explaining the Root Bug hypothesis:

    Root Bug in a Nutshell 1/6: Land

    Root Bug in a Nutshell 2/6: Money and Interest Intro

    Root Bug in a Nutshell 3/6: The Zero Lower Bound

    Root Bug in a Nutshell 4/6: The Free Deposit Guarantee

    Root Bug in a Nutshell 5/6: The Work-Piling Bug

    Root Bug in a Nutshell 6/6: Externalities and Wrap-Up

    Root Bug Teaser:

  2. george avent says:

    it was good to see the old name on the tv
    i was born in bristol one of the barton hill mob not the bedminster crowd
    iknow we have spread out but i was wondering
    if you are related to these branches
    you are obvious a busy man but if you
    could drop me a line i would be pleased
    a t b
    george avent

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